Local Woman Calls For Nationwide Vigil For Shooting Victims

12:45 PM, Dec 16, 2012   |    comments
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RALEIGH -- Judy Williams, co-founder of the Charlotte-based Mothers of Murdered Offspring wants to organize a nationwide vigil to honor the victims of the Newtown shooting, according to the Associated Press.

Williams is calling for a Nationwide Evening of Mourning Tuesday. She wants cities and towns to gather at a central location and light white candles to remember the victims from Sandy Hook Elementary.

Williams' goal is to reassure children that everything is going to be alright. She said she hopes the vigil will send a strong message of togetherness.

She also said there will definitely be a vigil in Charlotte, even if there are not vigils anywhere else.

Her organization, Mothers of Murdered Offspring, supports survivors of murdered children.

The Associated Press

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