Hasani Wesley An East Forsyth Middle School Student Dies After SUV Hits Him At Bus Stop

11:19 PM, Dec 19, 2012   |    comments
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Kernersville, NC -- All the warnings were there, according to investigators, the flashing red lights on the school bus were on; the bus had its stop arm out; and there was a 6th grade boy trying to cross the street.

But troopers say Wednesday morning, Billy Roger Bailey didn't see Hasani Wesley and ran into him.

The 11-year-old boy later died at Baptist hospital. 

His schoolmates at East Forsyth Middle School, who were on the bus Hasani was tryign to get to, were rerouted on to another bus. They were told of his death by school administrators later in the day.

The school has offered counseling to the students who witnessed the accident.

Trooper Kevin Hennerly with the North Carolina Highway Patrol told News 2, the crash happened around 6:46 am.

Hennerly says the school bus came to a stop on Old Hollow Road at Shaddowfax Drive.

As required, he said, the bus driver turned on the flashing red lights and had its stop arm out to indicate to other drivers to stop so students could cross the street.

"The school bus was doing everything correct, according to the early reports," said Trooper Hennerly.

Before Hasani could get to the other side of the road, the trooper says Bailey, who was coming from the opposite direction of the bus, ran his car into the 11-year-old-boy.

"There's no excuse for passing a school bus, even if it doesn't have its lights on," said Michael O'Brien, a visibly upset community member.

Bailey's car traveled a bit before stopping several feet from the site of impact.

"It's just a sad situation," said Trooper Hennerly who adds his condolence to Hasani's family.

Some of the neighbors - who live right next to the road where the crash happened - say they were up at the time but did not hear tire screeches from a vehicle trying to stop.

They had no idea what had happened until sirens started blaring.

Bailey told investigators he did not see the child.

The Forsyth County District Attorney was on the scene soon after the crash. He has yet to announce any formal charges against Bailey.

"This shouldn't have happened!" O'Brien cried.

WFMY News 2

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