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Four Year-Old Went Into Cardiac Arrest At PTI Finally Meets Officers Who Saved Her

8:09 PM, Dec 21, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- It is three weeks before Christmas, a woman and her child are at the airport waiting for daddy's flight to get in.

Out of nowhere, her four-year-old collapses and goes into cardiac arrest.

What happened next, Robin McClure says, was the worst and best day of her family's life.

"Chuckie, chuckie, mew!" 4-year-old Tayah's family member says to her playfully while waving a teddy bear in front of her face.

Tayah laughs and then asks, "Airport?"

The woman responds, "Yep, this is the airport."

Friday was the first time Tayah returned to PTI after her December 7th brush with death.

"Coming in here, I get a nervous stomach," said Robin, her mother.

Robin and Tayah were in the ticketing area that day.

"She said my legs are tired and she just sort of crumbled," Robin said. "I was just yelling for somebody to help me."

Robin's 4-year-old daughter nearly died of cardiac arrest.

"I started running, and I ran up the concourse within seconds," said Greensboro police officer, Lisa Allred.

Meanwhile, J.J. McClure, Tayah's dad's flight had just arrived.

They pulled him to side and broke the news to him.

"I got up here and she was out. They did CPR and then they did the..." he said before trailing off in tears. "It was very hard to see."

Doctors say Tayah was basically dead in her mother's arm.

It took officers doing CPR and firefighters with a child-sized defibrillator unit to bring the child back to life.

"A 4-year-old cardiac arrest is likely to occur at a facility like this one, once a decade or two," said Doctor Mike Simmons with Cone Hospital.




The McClures believe Tayah's recovery is their Christmas miracle; one only possible because of the fast actions of first responders who rushed to their daughter's side.

"Thank you!" Tayah said to the officers after meeting them Friday morning.

"When she left that day we didn't have a clue if it was going to be a good ending or not. And when we found out that it is, it was definitely...a lot of us have kids so it was touching," said Officer Allred.

Robin says everyone was in the right place at the right time and should events had been any different, she believes her daughter would have died.

"They saved our lives and hers. Without her, we have nothing," said J.J. tearfully.

The McClures adopted Tayah when she was 3-days old.

They say doctors told them she had a heart defect and could have a cardiac arrest anytime in her life or not at all.

Because she was so healthy, they never expected it.

Friday, Cone hospital, where Tayah was treated, donated several defibrillators to the airport.

They hope they never need them, but say it's good to have them on hand. 

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