Local Family With Six Kids Adds Two More For Holidays

11:40 PM, Dec 24, 2012   |    comments
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Rockingham County, NC --  Troy and Terry Corsner's church participates in a program called "Homes of Hope International". Even though they have six children of their own, they'll open their doors to two orphans from the Ukraine.

Troy said, "When they come over we provide them with not just food and everything like that but clothing Christmas gifts."

Terri said, "Our main objective is to teach them about Christ and what Christmas really stands for. It's not just about all these frivolous toys and Santa and all that."

Terri also said the best thing to do is for the children to show them what its like to be a loving family and have good manners. Troy added, "Most of these orphans, they haven't had, and don't have, earthly fathers, earthly families. So we talk to them about their heavenly father and talk with them about what a real family is suppose to be about."

The Corsners say its all about loving kids.

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