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Home Care Owner Blames No Christmas Paychecks on State Audit Process

6:07 PM, Dec 27, 2012   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- The reality of not having a Christmas paycheck hits home for 20 workers at Absolute Home Care Agency, Inc., in Winston-Salem.

This happened after workers said they were promised a paycheck in time for Christmas.

On Thursday, the owner told us the company was not able to meet payroll because of a pre-payment review process, which has turned into an audit from Carolina's Center for Medical Excellence. The center is contracted by the Department of Health and Human Services.

"This wasn't something our employees weren't aware of. When we fell under this review, we met with each of them. We explained to everyone what was going on," said Tammy Crawford, owner of Absolute Home Care.

Crawford told News 2 she even gave all employees a statement earlier this month, which reassigned some people. She hoped that could help her get back on track with payroll, without losing her business.

"Fortunately, everyone will get paid, but unfortunately, it is going to have to be on Medicaid's term," said Crawford.

Crawford said, she knows how the employees feel, she says she hasn't taken a paycheck either.

The Department of Health and Human Services say they are cracking down on home care fraud, which means a more stringent pre-payment review process and more audits, including a 20-day paperwork turn-around time.

In the meantime, Crawford expects to pay employees as soon as funds are released from the state.

For more information, visit DHHS for more details.


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