Russian President Bans American Adoptions

12:03 AM, Dec 29, 2012   |    comments
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Clemmons, NC - Zander is Peggy Lott's little boy. Not legally, not yet, but in her heart he is hers.

"Alexander Thomas... I'm going to call him Zander. We have a debate in our family what we're going to call him but I'm going to call him Zander," explained Peggy.

Peggy and her husband Tommy adopted a little girl from Russia in 2010. Her name is Isabella and she will turn 4 in March.

Last summer, the Lotts decided they wanted to adopt a little boy from Russia and began the adoption process. In September, they were matched with a child and in the next couple of months they were planning on making their first of 3 trips to Russia.

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Their plans came to a standstill Friday, when Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning U.S. adoptions.

"Can you imagine bringing your baby home from the hospital and 4 months or 5 months in somebody says 'oh you can't have them' and takes them away? We would be appalled at that but this, that's what's happening," explained Peggy.

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The Lotts have already begun getting Alexander's room ready and they've told their daughter, Isabella, she may soon have a baby brother.

"You do start to kind of allow yourself to.. 'Oh, this will be our child'. And you start to... I guess the process of bonding, and falling in love with them, I guess it would be pregnant and seeing the ultrasound, and even though you can't really tell much about that child, you still love it," explained Peggy.

All they have is one picture, a lot of paperwork, and a prayer, that Alexander will soon be theirs.

"My prayer is that we won't have to wait that long but if we do, I can honestly say it will be worth it," said Peggy.

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This ban will go into effect January 1st.

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