Wrong Number: Dozens Call Willing to Donate a Kidney

11:57 PM, Dec 29, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - It was the right number, just the wrong area code.

Shannon Shepard was at a mattress store Friday night when she got the first call.

She didn't answer the phone but then, she got another one, and another one.

16 calls, 4 voicemails, and 2 hours later, she figured out what was going on.

"I just let it go to my voicemail and i listened to it and it was just a lady calling she was saying she was wanting to be a, if she could be a match, she would love to give her kidney to the man, or the man's wife and I was like, my first reaction was like... What??" explained Shannon.

Someone clued Shannon in and she watched the CBS story online.

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A man in Anderson, South Carolina is going around town wearing a sign asking people to donate a kidney for his wife. The phone number on the sign is the same as Shannon's.

"It's a great thing and there is people out there that want to help that they don't know you from Adam, and it's just a wonderful feeling to know that there are good people out there," said Shannon.

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