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Narrows, VA Schools Close For 'Dark Knight Rises' Connection To Shootings In Newtown & Aurora

11:37 PM, Jan 2, 2013   |    comments
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Giles County, VA (WDBJ) -- School was closed in Giles County, Virginia Wednesday after an online article suggested schools in Narrows were in danger. 

The website author's theory connected the Batman movie theater shooting and the Connecticut shooting to Narrows. 

Police are stressing that there has been no direct threat made to any school in the district but they wanted to exercise caution in light of the article.  Schools were closed for students while teachers came to work and met with police.

Many parents say the news scared them and that they plan to keep their kids home the rest of the week.  Students are also apprehensive to go back to school.

Narrows Police Chief Bentley Ratcliffe says security measures were double checked at every school and that doors are locked at each building during the day.

Randy Jones, Alamance County Sheriff Public Information Officer said while the sheriff's office doesn't have any say on the decision of whether or not to close schools, he said he understands the decision made in Narrows. "If you prepare for the worst case scenario and it don't develop that's excellent, that what you prefer to happen. If you don't prepare for the worst case scenario and that develops, then you are really behind the eight ball at that point in time. You are behind and playing catchup from the onset."

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