Father Of Nicholas Adkins Has Message For Drivers Near School Bus Stops: PAY ATTENTION!

12:15 AM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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Stoneville, NC -- January 26, 2013 will mark four years since Nicholas Adkins was hit by a car and killed, when he was getting on the school bus. Not a day has gone by that his father, William Adkins, hasn't thought about his son.

On January 26, 2009, the McMichael High School student was attempting to board his school bus on Highway 770 in Stoneville.

The school bus displayed flashing lights, extended the stop sign attached to the side of the bus, and came to a stop.

When Adkins tried to cross the street, he was struck by the automobile driven by Judy Earlene Stilwell. Adkins was pronounced dead at the scene.

Every time William Adkins hears about another child, just trying to get on the school bus, it brings back terrible memories.

"It kills me when, practically every day, I turn on the TV and there's another kids that's been hit. And people want to excuse it, 'the parents need to walk them to the bus stop'. Well then you have a parent being run over with the child," said Adkins.

But it also makes him angry.

"People need to realize what they're doing. They're taking people's lives in their hands, when they pass a stopped school bus -- plain and simple," said Adkins.

On any given day in North Carolina, more than 3,000 drivers pass a stopped school bus illegally.

Adkins calls it inexcusable and he has a powerful message for drivers.

"Slow down. Pay attention. You know that time of day, that there are kids going to school. Buses out on the street. If you go to work the same way every day, that bus is going to be there every day. Those kids are going to be there every day," said Adkins.

"You pay attention when there are road blocks out on the holiday. You pay attention when you're driving down the highway to make sure you don't go too fast and get a ticket. When you're going through somewhere that you know every day they're picking up kids, at a school bus stop, you pay attention," said Adkins. "It only takes a split second when you've got several thousand pounds of steel hitting a child. It's over and done with. That's it. There's no taking it back."

Adkins said don't just think about the penalties, think about all of the repercussions. You affect your life, a child's life, their family, their teachers, classmates and everyone else who knows and loves them.


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