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Sandy Hook Receives Snowflakes From Schools Around The World

6:50 PM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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Newtown, CT -- Though official Weather Bureau records don't show it, a small town in Connecticut has been seeing a whole lot of snow, as requested.

Don't let the bright, blue sky fool you, this part of Connecticut is getting blanketed in snow. It started last month when the Connecticut Parent Teacher's Association asked for snow in a news release. The release, which went out fellow PTA members across the country, requested handmade "Snowflakes for Sandy Hook," to create a "winter wonderland" at the new school the kids moved into.

Nearly one month later and the entire lobby is stuffed floor to ceiling. 

The snowflakes inside were crafted out of every conceivable medium, mostly by children who sat down at kitchen tables and school desks across the country and poured their hearts into this project.

Jim says in addition to the snowflakes, a lot of the boxes came with handmade sympathy cards. Some kids tried to be adult about it, but most just stuck to their innocence. A few donated their favorite football cards. Others sent in their piggy bank money. Now just imagine that much love, multiplied this many times.

The Connecticut PTA reports the snowflake project is complete for Sandy Hook students and sends its thank you for all those who contributed.

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