Biden Gives Recommendations to President Obama

12:15 AM, Jan 15, 2013   |    comments
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Washington, DC - Vice President Joe Biden is spearheading the issue of gun control and Monday, he met with top Democratic House leaders about his plans. Some of those lawmakers spoke to The New York Times and Politico giving us some clarity into what the president may pursue.

The president is looking for comprehensive reform and a lot it he believes can be done at the administrative level. According to Politico, the president may act on as many as 19 executive actions.

Those may include federal research on gun crimes, more aggressive enforcement of current gun laws, and pushing wider sharing of existing gun databases.



The New York Times adds a limit on guns imported from overseas, and the federal government sharing mental health records to that list.

CBS news says the president could require more information added to violent video game labels and he could demand an improvement in how federal agencies track guns that are sold to or stolen by criminals.

All agencies say an assault rifle ban is on the table and Congress will likely see legislation limiting the capacity of magazines and requiring background checks on all gun sales, including private and gun show sales.

Those will be the most controversial issues without a doubt, but some lawmaker's aren't happy with the idea that the president may use executive orders to address such a political issue.

In fact, one Texas representative threatened to file articles of impeachment if Obama goes that route.

But for now, this is all speculation until the White House unveils its plan. 



News 2 asked people on both sides of the debate what they're expecting, what they want to see, and what they don't.

"Better data gathering, better analysis of why we have problems, why there are needless deaths," explained Robert Merritt, supporter of gun control.

"I would expect more than likely they're going to reinitiate the first assault weapons ban under President Clinton," said Philip Reed, gun owner and supporter.

"I can't see much justification for assault weapons," said Merritt.

"Most people say that don't even own an AR15 or an assault rifle don't want any legislation or bans because that's stepping stone number 1," said Reed.

"My biggest fear is that we'll cow tide to the NRA because as, the NRA thinks, the more guns you got the safer you are. That's just ridiculous!" said Merritt.

"It's not going to keep the murderous intent gone. If someone chooses to go that route, they're going to do it regardless of what laws are on the books," said Reed.

President Obama is expected to outline his plans on gun control later this week.

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