Most Germ-Infested Surfaces You Don't Think Of

11:38 PM, Jan 15, 2013   |    comments
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(WKYC-TV) -- The flu virus is spreading rapidly and those invisible germs can be anywhere. And most germ-infested surfaces are places you might not think of.

Take a restaurant, for example. Sure the people around us might be sneezing, but what about the people who were holding that menu before you got it? Menus passed from hand to hand carry millions of germs.

And who doesn't like a side of ketchup with their fries? Well, you could be getting a side of germs with that. People touch their mouths at restaurants, then touch the ketchup bottle for more.

The same with goes with lemon wedges. Someone grabbed that lemon to cut it, or put it on your glass.

Another one of the most germ-infested surfaces is a door handle, which most people use dozens of in the span of a day.

And when you go to wash your hands, keep in mind, when you use the soap dispenser, your hands and the hands that probably touched it before you weren't exactly germ-free.

Other surfaces you should wipe down before touching include grocery carts and airplane bathrooms.

After you sit in the doctor's office waiting room, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. All the people waiting with you are probably sick.

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