Walnut Cove Residents Without Water For Hours

12:32 AM, Jan 20, 2013   |    comments
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Walnut Cove, NC -- The water is back on in the town of Walnut Cove.

There was a water outage due to erosion near a waterline, according to the town's website.

The Town says the outage started after heavy rain broke down a creek bank along N.C. Highway 65.

Officials say a section of the exposed water line collapsed, and the town initially planned on having the water back on by mid-day Saturday.

"It's affected everything in town, a lot of restaurants had to close, a lot of the citizens had to redo their plans for a Saturday," explained Kevin Webb, Public Works Director, Town of Walnut Cove.

"Most people can do without for a few hours but when you start talking 12 hours that they've been like today it starts to become a real inconvenience," said Mayor Lynn Lewis. 

Water was restored to the town by early evening but Mayor Lewis says residents won't have full water pressure until Sunday morning. 

Town of Walnut Cove

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