Montgomery Co. Adult Care Facility Closing Down, Leaves 44 People Homeless

12:18 AM, Jan 24, 2013   |    comments
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Mt. Gilead, NC-- Two adult care facilities in Greensboro and Mt. Gilead are being forced to shut down.

News 2 told you about an adult care facility kicking out residents on three days notice. On Tuesday night, a News 2 caller alerted us about Serenity Care Assisted Living in Greensboro. We went there and found residents packing up. Both residents and employees were confused, but only say they knew they had to be out by Friday.

We later found out the same person runs another facility, Tillery Chase Adult Care in Mt. Gilead in Montgomery County. They're closing too. WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford spent Wednesday afternoon in Mt. Gilead.

Turns out, both facilities are owned by Larry Patton. The Director at Tillery Chase, Penny Simmons told News 2 that she got a phone call Tuesday night that everyone had to be out by Friday. Simmons said that Patton told her funds were cut and they couldn't make payroll.

That leaves 44 residents without a home and 30 staff members without a job. The residents at Tillery Chase live with degrees of physical and mental disabilities. Some have no family and no one to take care of them.

Hugh Hodges is a resident there. He is physically disabled and in a wheelchair because of a motorcycle wreck. "I have no clue. I'm really just hopefully find a homeless shelter somewhere. I mean they're saying they're going to place all of us but we have no choice over where we go to," said Hodges.

Despite not having a job anymore, the staff at both facilities won't abandon the residents. Penny Simmons told News 2 that she and her staff are helping DSS place every single resident.

Simmons said, "We're concerned. That's the biggest thing. No, it's not my job anymore, but I won't leave until they're all placed. This has been their home for a long time and I hate they're having to leave it. I think some are nervous and scared."

Montgomery County DSS said there is no other facility like Tillery Chase in Montgomery County, so they're looking to place residents as far as Wake County.

On Wednesday evening, Simmons told us about half of the residents had already been placed in new facilities. She also told News 2 that someone from the labor department told her that Larry Patton filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday afternoon.

WFMY News 2, Montgomery County DSS

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