Sheriff Sam Page Tells News 2 What He Learns From Gun Hearings In Washington, DC

7:26 PM, Jan 31, 2013   |    comments
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WFMY News 2 -- Gun control talks are heating up in the Nation's capitol this week.  The conversations are nothing new but have gotten emotional with recent random mass shooting, such as the one in Newtown, CT.

However, there seems to be one type of gun left out of the discussions....and those are handguns.

Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page is in Washington, DC this week listening to the gun hearings on Capitol Hill.

Thursday, Sheriff Page confirmed with WFMY News 2 the statistics in the Triad area show handguns, not assault weapons, are used in a majority of crimes.

Sheriff Page also told News 2 he his big takeaway from the hearings was the proposal to add specific mental health information to the federal data base.

Right now, when a person wants to buy a gun, they voluntarily offer mental health information.

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