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Small Plane Crash In Utah Caught On Camera

7:31 AM, Feb 4, 2013   |    comments
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  -  A passenger on a small plane that crash landed in a Cache County field on Saturday afternoon captured the whole ordeal on his cell phone, from the moment the plane begins to fail to minutes after the crash.

Jonathan and Kara Fielding are on a recreational flight for Kara's birthday. Seated beside his mother-in-law, Jonathan is holding their seven-month-old baby boy as their family friend and pilot Lynn Goodsell flies his single-engine Cessna 175.

"We are just over the top of the overpass," Jonathan says, narrating the video, as the plane clears the Wellsville Mountains. "We are told that there's carburetor ice, so this is kind of exciting. I'm not worried. I think we're going to be just fine."

Goodsell turns on the carburetor heater but the engine shuts down. He begins reviewing his emergency checklist and searches for an impromptu landing spot below.

"Just got a prayer in our heart. I think we're gonna be just fine," Jonathan says.

All five remain calm as the plane hovers over a Wellsville neighborhood.

"We're going to land in a field, right here," Jonathan says calmly, just before the plane touches down in a field of snow, only to flip upside down.

The phone flies from Jonathan's hands but continues to record the crash.

"Is everybody okay?" Goodsell asks.

"Oh man... Oh wow... Oh my gosh," the passengers say quietly hanging upside in their seats.

The baby is heard crying for a few seconds. They unbuckle their seatbelts and climb out uninjured.

Goodsell's totaled plane lies in an otherwise serene field of snow.

"I'm really sorry about your plane. Are you okay?" Jonathan says to Goodsell.

Jonathan then asks his wife if she will ever fly again, laughing nervously. She answers yes.

"I knew that we'd be fine," Jonathan says, "I just, I didn't expect that."

Jonathan later said he fully expected a smooth landing and he never would have pulled out his phone and recorded the crash if he had known the landing would've been so rough.






















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