Guns in Triad Schools: Always Reported Or Sometimes Under The Radar?

12:00 AM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- A school resource officer tells WFMY News 2 that students who bring guns to school are typically caught.

With recent reports of guns being brought to Triad schools, we wanted to know if students bringing guns on campus is an under-reported problem. Do kids get away with bringing weapons to school?

According to the 2011-2012 report from the NC State Board of Education, across the entire state, there were 3,613 instances where a student brought a weapon on school property. There were 73 times a student brought a firearm of powerful explosive to school.

The Guilford, Wilkes, Winston-Salem/Forsyth, and Alamance-Burlington school systems all had one instance where a gun was brought to school last year. Surry County had three instances, and Davidson County had five.

Sgt. Jonathan Heard is the School Resource Officer Supervisor for Greensboro Police. Sgt. Heard believes, typically, students who bring guns to school get caught.

He thinks students tend to tell someone when they're planning on doing something so brazen. Then, other students find out, and Heard believes, most times, students will report the gun to the school or SRO.

The SROs build relationships with the students so they trust the SRO and are more likely to tell the officer if there are rumors about a gun on campus.

WFMY News 2 spoke to parents from Dudley and Page High Schools as well as the Dudley principal about the topic. Principal Jesse Pratt said kids are very vocal about reporting things that should not be on campus to officials or the SRO.

Parents told WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford they think guns on campus are isolated instances. Their children have relationships with their SROs, and the parents are confident the SRO has a good grip on what's happening within the school.

Another factor in Greensboro schools is Campus Crime Stoppers. Students can anonymously report tips through the "Text-A-Tip" program. The number is stripped from the text through an outside server when the tips come in.

Students are eligible for monetary rewards if their tips lead to an arrest or recovery of weapons or drugs.

There were four times in the past two months that a Triad student brought a gun to school. Twice, the staff found out from a student. Another time, it was a tip from a parent, and another time was by accident; someone reported the student for reckless driving and police found a handgun in his pick-up truck.

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