NC State v. Duke: Is It Really A Rivalry?

11:57 PM, Feb 7, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Are NC State and Duke really rivals?

Duke's first loss of the season came in January, when they played NC State in Raleigh.

Twenty-six days later, Duke was ready for revenge at Cameron Indoor in Durham.

While the Triad is home to a lot of NC State fans, do they really see Duke as rivals?

According to Duke and State fans -- No.

"I think maybe it's made up to be a rivalry this year, but I don't really think it is a rivalry," said Wayne Brinkley, an NC State fan. "Because State hasn't beat Duke in the last 14 tries in Durham. Not a lot of rivalry this year."

"I don't consider that a rivalry because State's not necessarily a basketball school, per se. I consider us more of a football school," said Matt McCauley.

Interestingly enough, Duke fans don't think of it as a rivalry either.

"It's a good team, but nobody really rivals Duke. We stand on our own," said Gurney Kaufman.

But there was something they could all agree on.

"I think the real rivalry comes with Carolina. I think there's a little more bad blood there," said McCauley.

"I am a Carolina fan and the rivalry is next week with Duke and Carolina,"said Iris Boyd.

Carolina travels to Duke next Wednesday night.

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