Duke Energy Regional Office Will Be "More Sensitive" To Debris Complaints

6:37 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Duke Energy District Manager Davis Montgomery says the regional office for the power company has put new guidelines in place to prevent another instance of a story WFMY News 2 reported Thursday.

Read the original story here: Duke Energy Workers Trash Man's Yard

Ken Cressman fought Duke Energy for three weeks to get the company clean up debris its workers left in his yard.

Cressman had originally called Duke to alert the company about a downed tree in his neighbor's yard that was weighing on a power line.

Neither the tree nor the power line was in Cressman's yard.

And, the 60-year-old even allowed Duke Energy contractors to pass through his property to get to the problem on his neighbor's yard.

Cressman says in the process, the workers threw the debris over the fence into his yard, covering almost the entire area in tree limbs and branches.

"I have branches here that are 15 to 20 feet long. I have logs back there that are 12 to 15 inches in diameter. It's just more than I'm equipped to handle," he said.

After WFMY News 2 approached Duke Energy Thursday, the company said they take full responsibility of the situation and sent workers back to clean up the debris.

On Friday, WFMY News 2 learned the company put new guidelines in place in their regional office.

Customers with debris issues should call the same number they already know: 1-800-Power-On.

But Montgomery says the new guideline requires the regional office's customer service representatives to have "additional sensitivity and discretion" when customers report debris issues.

The site manager says the local office had a talk with the reps about the change and will make sure to look at each problem individually at the local office.

No longer, according to Montgomery, will their offices just tell customers it's against Duke Energy's policy to clean up debris from power restoration.

That's an important step because Duke Energy does have a general "no clean-up" policy. 

But the company adds that it does, however, require workers to stack the debris so it's easier for homeowners to clean.

WFMY News 2

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