High Point Police Investigate Drowning Of Three People

12:26 AM, Feb 11, 2013   |    comments
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High Point, NC -- High Point Police are still trying to answer this question:  Why?

The say early Sunday morning Kenny and Heather Jordan lead four juveniles to a pond near their house on Highway 68 in High Point.

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"It appears the step father, Kenny Colon Jordan and his wife Heather Dawn Jordan, for some reason, around 3 o'clock or so said 'hey kids, let's go over there and take a swim or do something in the water.' We don't know his reasoning's behind that," said Captain Mike Kirk, High Point Police.

Police say Kenny entered the water first, followed by Heather and her daughter Nikki Simpkins.

"There ended up out of six people there, five of them went in the water. Two of them came out really quick because it was just too cold for them," said Kirk. "They're the two that ran back to the house and called. The other three stayed in the water, started to struggle and unfortunately succumbed to the hypothermia and we believe more than likely drowned."

Dive teams from Guilford County and the City of High Point searched in the pond for more than eight hours.

In some areas, it was too shallow to dive and they thought they could create a better search pattern on foot.

Heather was found first just after 5:30 a.m. Sunday.  She was taken to the hospital where she died.

Police say there is a ravine near the center of the pond that reaches about 8 feet deep. That is where dive teams located Kenny and 12-year-old Nikki.

Police believe the water Sunday morning was no warmer than 46 degrees.

"In a matter of 5 minutes, you start losing some of your function and your body starts to compensate by pulling some of your blood back in towards the vital areas to keep those warm, to keep those functioning, and other things start shutting down and that's pretty much what it does," said Battalion Chief Tim Wright, High Point Police Department.

Police have ordered an autopsy and toxicology report. It will take at least two weeks before those results are in.

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