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Father Tells Parents: Please Teach Your Kids Dangers of Black Ice

12:18 AM, Feb 17, 2013   |    comments
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Pfafftown, NC - It was a drive he'd done countless times before.

"That morning, Nick was coming down this slight hill and as you can see here these trees here will cast a  small shadow down onto the road so the one stop on the road that was still damp was right here."

"He slipped on the black ice and his vehicle went down the road into a 10 foot embankment and his vehicle hit a tree," explained Mitchell Doub, Nicholas' father.

January 2011, Nicholas Doub was less than a mile from Reagan High School when he hit the patch of black ice on Balsom Road.

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"It was devastating," said his father.

It was a devastating accident Mitchell thought he prepared his son for.

Just one month earlier, he took and showed Nick what to do if he ever met black ice on the roads. 

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"So of course it slid and they panicked and I said 'that's exactly why you don't put on the brakes on ice,'" explained Mitchell.

On the day of his accident, Mitchell says Nick did everything right.

He was driving ten miles below the speed limit, had his seat belt on and his cell phone put away.

"Parents, cherish your children and know that every day is a blessing and take them out and show them black ice and let them experience what it feels like to press the break and let them know that once they start to slide they lose total control and if you want to keep control, take your foot off the gas, let your car slow down a little bit but you'll glide right over the top of it and then you'll be good to go," explained Mitchell. "[But] let your kids know they can do everything correctly but they still have to be on top of things and anticipate if it's close to freezing, and you see moisture on the ice, assumes its ice and do not put the break on."

Mitchell is on a mission now to prevent accidents like this.  He wants to see a guard rail put along the road where his son crashed.

He also wants all roads near schools salted if there is winter weather advisory and he wants to see a mandatory delay in school openings when those advisories are in place.

A fund has been established in Nick's honor. To learn more or to donate, call Reagan High School at 336-703-6776.

On the same day as Nick's accident, another student was killed and police say black ice was to blame. 

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