Man Accused Of Slapping Toddler On Airplane

11:42 PM, Feb 17, 2013   |    comments
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Minneapolis, MN -- If there's one sure way to cause a disturbance on an airplane, it's to use a racial slur and then slap a toddler.

And it appears to have cost 60-year-old Joe Hundley his job.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Saturday that AGC Aerospace and Defense had suspended Hundley, of Hayden, Idaho, as president of its Unitech Composites and Structures.

Sunday, AGC issued a statement saying that, while not referring to Hundley by name, calls reports of an executive's behavior on personal travel "offensive and disturbing" and says he "is no longer employed with the company." The statement does not say whether the executive quit or was fired.

Hundley was charged with assault last week after he was accused of slapping a 2-year-old boy and called him a racial slur during the Feb. 8 flight. His attorney has said he will plead not guilty.

60-year-old Joe Hundley, of Idaho, faces federal charges for allegedly slapping a toddler on a flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta.

Jessica Bennett and her 19-month-old son, Jonah, were sitting next to Hundley on a flight to Atlanta.

Bennett said, "He was being rude and belligerent, and I just felt uncomfortable."

She said Hundley reeked of alcohol and continued to drink during the flight.  As the flight began to descend, Jonah got fussy.

"I was having trouble comforting him and that's when the guy made his comment to me," said Bennett.

Court documents state this is when Hundley allegedly told Jessica to "shut that (n-word) baby up." 

Bennett said Hundley used the racial slur a second time and then slapped her son, hitting him in the eye.

Bennett said other passengers came to her aid, and the two were given a new seat. 


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