Apple Hacked By Same Group That Hit Facebook

7:31 PM, Feb 19, 2013   |    comments
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(photo courtesy CNET)
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  • It appears Facebook wasn't the only target in a recent breach by hackers.

    Apple confirmed Tuesday it was hit by a hacker attack affecting "a limited number of Mac systems" through a hole in Java's plug-in for Web browsers.

    "We identified a small number of systems within Apple that were infected and isolated them from our network," Apple said in a statement. "There is no evidence that any data left Apple. We are working closely with law enforcement to find the source of the malware."

    Apple says the attack targeted their employees and other companies. According to Reuters, the attack was conducted by the same group of hackers that struck Facebook.

    Apple says they will release a removal tool for users that will check Macs for any Java malware and erase it from their computers. Last month, the company blocked Mac access to Java after a vulnerability was discovered that potentially left users prone to hacking attacks.

    Last week, Facebook revealed it had been targeted by a "sophisticated attack" involving a "handful" of employees. The company says is has found no evidence user data were compromised.

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