The Simplest Way To Keep Your Computer Safe

12:56 AM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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Undated -- Protecting yourself online is becoming more and more important these days. Monday, someone hacked Burger King's twitter account. Today, Apple confirmed hackers attacked their network and infected a limited number of mac systems. 

So the question remains, what can we as individuals do to keep our personal information safe? The key is being careful about what you click on. Jett Mitchell-Rose, IT Specialist at Computer Warehouse of North Carolina, said, "A spear fishing attack is very well crafted email that has one intention, which is to get the user to click a link or visit a website or download an attachment and those attachments are actually containing the malware itself."

Mitchell-Rose also said people should always keep their software up to date. He also said anti-viruses aren't always reliable. "Anti-viruses are always one step behind because they have to catch up and they have to learn about the virus before they can prevent them."

You can also keep your information safe by making sure you have a secure password. For tips on making sure your password is a good one, click here.

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