What Your Doc Isn't Telling You About Breast Density And How You Can Change That

9:28 AM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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Stop for a second and see if you can answer this: do you know what breast density is? Many women don't and it's not something your doctor has to tell you, but it can increase a woman's risk of developing cancer. There are four levels of breast density and the higher your level the harder it is to spot abnormalities on a mammogram. The Greensboro Commission On The Status Of Women is working to change this, and they're asking for your help tonight. They want a law in our state that legally binds doctors to tell women their level of breast density. Viola Fuller and Addy Jeffrey are with the Commission On The Status Of Women and stopped by to talk about this.

You can show your support by going to the City Council chambers on 300 West Washington Street at 5:30pm. Don't forget to wear pink to send a strong message to our State Representatives.

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