City Receives Calls About Sinkholes in GSO Every Week

11:54 PM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Kevin Crouch didn't get the view he paid for when he bought his home nine years ago.

At the end of his road are two growing sinkholes.

"It just keeps coming back," explained Kevin Crouch, Greensboro resident.

The sinkholes have been coming back for three years.

The problem hasn't been fixed because no one will claim responsibility.  It's a state owned street up until about 100 yards from the sinkholes.

"At this point we are just trying to, we'd like to figure out who is responsibility it is to fix so we can start seeing some kind of action on it," explained Crouch.

The sinkholes are now about six feet deep and they're right above a creek and drainage pipe.

The water is running under the pipe, not through it.

It's a big mess and eye sore but more than that - it's a safety issue.

"We have three children, and there is a couple children next to us, and there's other children around the neighborhood and that's my biggest concern is that some children try to play in it and maybe get hurt," explained Crouch. 

Although unusual, sinkholes aren't necessarily rare for the Triad.

The City of Greensboro says they average about one call per week. They're usually caused by heavy rains or burst water pipes and they're usually easy to fix.

If you think you have a sinkhole, call the city at 373-2489.

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