Page High Student Charged With Posting Hoax (Threat) on Facebook

6:44 PM, Mar 4, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Student Facing Felony Charge For Social Media Hoax

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  • Ayana She’ran Pearson,Facebook Threat Hoax

Greensboro, NC -- A Page High School student is facing some serious charges because of a threat police say she posted on Facebook.

According to a news release from the Greensboro Police Department, Ayana She'ran Pearson was arrested Sunday night for posting a threatening message on a peer's Facebook page. 

Investigators said the posting caused alarm in some parts of the Greensboro community. The message turned out to be a hoax, police said. 

Pearson, is charged with gaining unauthorized access to a fellow student's social media site and posting the following message: "Dear everyone, if you see this and go to page high-school. You better be ware tomorrow i am going to come in with a Gun and set traps to kill almost everyone in the school then im going to kill myself." [sic]

Students who read the post alerted school officials who contacted police. Police had their technology experts trace the source of the message to Pearson.

Pearson, who is a 10th grader, faces one felony charge and six misdemeanors. The charges are: Making a False Report Concerning Mass Violence on Educational Property, Cyber Stalking-Bullying a Minor, Cyber Stalking Threatening Staff, Computer Trespassing, Communicating Treats, Cyber Stalking- Using Threatening Language, and Denial of Computer Services to an Authorized User.

Sunday, two phone messages were sent to Page High School parents by Guilford County School staff advising them of the incident, the investigation and the arrest.

As a precaution, on Monday morning Greensboro Police had extra officers on campus to reassure students, parents, and faculty.

"Greensboro police and school officials take all these threats very seriously," said Capt. Hope Newkirk. "When we learn that there is the potential for harm on one of our campuses, we immediately dedicate all of our resources to ensure the safety of our students."

Pearson is in the Guilford County Jail on a $7,000 secured bond.
If convicted, she can face more than two years imprisonment and fines exceeding $1,000.

During Pearson's first court appearance Monday afternoon, her mother chose not to pay her bond. Instead, she hopes leaving her behind bars will teach her a lesson she hasn't seemed to pick up yet. Pearson's mom says the 16-year-old has had several run-ins with the law before.

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