Reading, Writing and Ammunition? Should We Arm Our Teachers?

10:30 PM, Mar 10, 2013   |    comments
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Salisbury, NC - Reading, writing and ammunition? A gun range in Salisbury offered free concealed carry classes for teachers, Saturday.

The Rowan Wildlife Association provided the classes for teachers and administrators in the Rowan and Cabarrus County School System.

Organizers say they decided to provide these classes after the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Teachers are taking them up on their offer, too. 

Jennifer Grigg and Deborah Curlee

are just two of the dozens of teachers who have stepped out of the classroom and onto the gun range.

"I've never shot one before," said Grigg.

"I did pretty good," said Curlee. 

They're learning how to use a firearm and if necessary, defend their students.

"There's some legislation that's coming down that may make it easier for them to protect themselves at school," explained Claude Paris, instructor.

In North Carolina, only law enforcement officers are allowed to have guns on school grounds but a handful of state lawmakers are trying to change that.

Davidson County Senator Stan Bingham has introduced a law to allow what he calls, 'School Safety Marshals.'

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These marshals could be teachers or volunteers who have passed a special training course. They wouldn't carry a gun, but they'd have access to one.

"Just like an SRO Officer, but instead of an SRO Officer, you're going to have four others to join him in a team, as a SWAT team, in which you would go in and disarm someone and have a plan," explained Bingham.

These marshals would have to go through background checks and extensive training.

However, some think arming teachers is the wrong way to go.

"Statistics have shown that putting guns in the hands of people who don't have the ability or can't react are more of a problem than they are a help," said Sheriff James Metts.

North Carolina isn't alone in this idea. States across the country are considering arming their teachers.

The latest to make a move is South Dakota. Their governor signed a bill Friday that allows teachers and staff to carry concealed guns on campus.

Similar laws stand in Utah and Texas.


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