Steven Cosner Talks About Trying To Save 2 Kids Who Died In A Fire In Gibsonville

11:13 PM, Mar 11, 2013   |    comments
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Chapel Hill, NC -- After you hear the story of what Steven Cosner did, you will think he's a Good Samaritan. Cosner doesn't see it that way.

Cosner was driving to work Saturday morning with his co-worker when he saw smoke coming from a home on Highway 61 N in Gibsonville

Cosner stopped to help. He approached a man standing outside the house.

"I asked them if anyone else was else in the house and the grandfather spoke up and said my babies were in the house," explained Cosner.

The two children, 1-year-old Jade Hawks and 4-year-old Matthew Ridge-Poulos, were still inside the home after a space heater ignited in the living room. The children and their grandfather were sleeping when the grandfather awoke to sounds from the flames. He immediately tried to save the kids, but the flames were too big.

Without hesitation, Cosner and his co-worker ran to the house, trying to save the two children inside.

"I pulled the bed to as far as I could, and I told Brentin and told him to hold my legs and I jumped in and grabbed the bed and pulled it back as far as I could. When I done that, I seen the fire started coming through the door or wall or one, I took the covers and tried to pull the kids and tried to do something," said Cosner.

When firefighters arrived and went inside, they found the two children in the bed they were sharing. Both children had already died

Cosner received second-degree burns and is being treated in Chapel Hill at UNC Hospital.

WFMY News 2's Morgan Hightower met with him Monday.

Cosner says he would do anything for his four children but Saturday, he could have died trying to save two he never met.

"I can't just let a baby sit in there and burn and I never did try to do anything," said Cosner.

"You could only go through the window because there was so much smoke, it was so hot in there."

It was dark and impossible to see.

"I just, couldn't do it.... I had more covers but it wasn't... the child wasn't in there."

His only regret? "That I didn't save the kids. And end up knowing, I read the paper. They were in that bed that I pulled to the window. [If only I had] just ten more seconds I could have maybe those kids," said Cosner.

"I would to have like to been a better hero."

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