Pig Farm Admits To Dumping Dead Pigs In Huangpu River, More Than 6,600 Recovered

9:26 AM, Mar 14, 2013   |    comments
Sanitation workers (L) collect a dead pig from Shanghai's main waterway on March 11, 2013. Nearly 3,000 dead pigs have been found floating in Shanghai's main waterway. Courtesy Getty Images.
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BEIJING -- Authorities say they have recovered hundreds more dead pigs from a river that provides drinking water to Shanghai, China's financial hub, bringing the total to more than 6,600 since last Friday.   

A pig farm in Jiaxing City admitted they dumped dead pigs in the Huangpu River, Xinhua News Agency reports. They said the confession was made after an investigation traced the birthplace of some of the pigs to Jiaxing.

Pictures of swollen and rotting carcasses in the Huangpu River have worried many residents, but officials say the water supply remains safe.   

The surge in dumping of dead pigs has followed police campaigns against the sale of pork products made from diseased pigs.   

On Wednesday, a Zhejiang court sentenced 46 people to jail for producing unsafe pork from sick pigs that they had acquired and slaughtered between 2010 and 2012.

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