How Did Eden Morehead Hospital Employees Lose Nearly 2000 Pounds? Teamwork and MONEY!

11:22 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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Eden, NC-- A group of 100 employees at Morehead Hospital lost nearly 2,000 pounds since January by entering a weight loss competition.

Employees paid a registration fee to enter the competition. Then, they formed teams of four.

The program started with 32 teams and a total of 128 employees. But not everybody made it until the end.

Each week team members weighed in and the results were posted for all to see.

Throughout the competition, teams were given weekly health challenges like drinking more water, counting calories, and having a sugar free week.

Just when things were getting intense, the competition got even tougher. At the halfway point of the program, participants had to pay $1 per pound they gained that week!

In the end, 116 employees finished the ten-week challenge. Participants lost 1,912 pounds!

The first place team lost 55.6% of their body weight. Right behind, the second place team lost 55.1% of their body weight.

Click the video to hear from three women who lost at least 25 pounds thanks to the competition.

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