Consumer Reports: Most Reliable Motorcycles

6:10 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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We pay insurance in case something goes wrong and we hope that whatever we buy including a house, car, or even appliances hold up.

Consumer Reports has new information on some of the most reliable brands of motorcycles on the road.

Randy Elson is the proud owner of his second Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He got his first one more than 10 years ago.

"Guys who like Harleys are guys who like Harleys. Always wanted something a little bigger and more comfortable, and that's what I did, I stepped up."

Consumer Reports National Research Center surveyed more than 4,000 motorcycle owners.

Their findings: Harley-Davidson and BMW were more repair-prone than Japanese brands Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda.

"Part of it is bikes that were loaded with gear, with bags, with accessories, had more problems with those kinds of things."

But the survey showed owners of Harleys and BMW's were among the most satisfied with their motorcycles.

No matter which brand you buy, there are ways to keep repair costs down and keep your ride more reliable. 

For instance, replacing $50 brake pads before they're worn down can save you hundreds on damaged rotors and other parts.

Keeping tires properly inflated will prevent premature tire wear and give you much better handling. If your motorcycle calls for premium gas our experts say, use it!

One more tip, if your motorcycle is going to sit for any period of time, be sure to add fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas.

2 Wants To Know looked at the most common cited problems: 

  • Accessories like lights, switches, radios 21%
  • Brake problems 20%
  • Electrical system 16%
  • Fuel system 15%
  • Mechanical engine/transmission repairs  3%
  • Clutch problems  7%



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