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8 Things To Avoid During Your Next Hotel Stay

8:12 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Spring break is almost here and lots of people will be traveling closer to summer. But there are eight things you'll want to keep in mind for your next hotel stay according to

Thousands of people share hotel rooms over the course of the year. So first, don't use the remote control. It's one of the hot spots for germs. But if you want to watch TV, bring along the antibacterial wipes. You can also download a smartphone app to control the TV. Also avoid sleeping on or even under the quilt.

Remember not to leave valuables lying around. Put it in a safe even if you have to pay an extra fee. Hotel thieves know the usual places to hide valuables.

Don't forget to use the 'Do Not Disturb' sign. Your hotel room isn't all that private until you put up the sign.

Make sure you don't reveal your room number during your trip or at check-in time. You don't want a thief to crash your vacation.

Don't open the door without first asking questions. You want to make sure you know who's at the door before opening it even if you're expecting a guest or room service. Also make sure when you get ice or a snack that you don't prop the door open, instead lock it and take your key.

Avoid the minibar at all costs. Not only is anything in the minibar expensive but just moving a few items could trigger a sensor that will automatically charge you extra. 

Make sure you look for bedbugs before you jump in to rest. Keep an eye out for the bugs, stains on sheets or mattress, headboard, couch, chair, or any other furniture. Check before you even put your bags down because bedbugs can travel back home with you.

Don't drink the tap water no matter where you're staying. That's after a British couple ended up drinking corpse-tainted water from a Los Angeles hotel.

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