Mayors On A Mission: Trying To Stop Gun Violence Across America

6:31 PM, Mar 28, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro -- "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" are taking a stand against gun violence. About 100 Mayors are doing it as part of a National Day to Demand Action to end gun violence.

"It's pretty simple things. But these are things that could make a difference, as to whether we have another horrific event or not," said Robbie Perkins, Mayor of Greensboro.

On Thursday, Greensboro Mayor Pro-Tem Yvonne Johnson and gun violence survivors held a news conference. The event was hosted by Congregational United Church of Christ in Greensboro. Supporters are calling for Congress to enforce stricter background checks and pass tougher gun laws.

Other events were held in Charlotte, Durham and Raleigh as a part of it. 

But one gun owner, who's an opponent, said "New laws will just waste time. And what we need is to enforce the laws out there. And not take the guns away from honest citizens," said Carl Abbe, Calibers Indoor Range.

According to a news release, the National Day to Demand Action is one of the largest gun violence advocacy events in history. This is also part of the largest field campaign in U.S. history to address gun violence. The coalition recently announced that its opening campaign offices in ten key states including North Carolina.

In addition to the National Day to Demand Action, the bipartisan coalition will also air ads demanding that political leaders take action to pass commonsense gun reforms in key states during the upcoming Congressional recess, including in North Carolina.

Ads can be found here:

No matter which side you are on, you can have your voice heard. Just call your lawmakers.








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