Gary Alan Irving Wanted For Kidnapping, Rape Arrested in Maine After 35 Years On Lam

12:02 PM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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Gorham, Maine-- For nearly 35 years one of the most wanted fugitives out of Massachusetts managed to elude police. Last night 52-year old Gary Alan Irving's past caught up with him as police tracked him down in Maine.

Gary Alan Irving's past includes convictions on 3 counts of rape with force, unnatural acts and kidnapping. According to officials in Massachusetts Irving hid in some bushes when he was 18-years old and ambushed 3 young women on separate occasions. After being convicted of the crimes he took off instead of reporting to authorities to begin serving his sentence.

"Certainly they're very violent crimes and it's a relief at least to our community that he has been apprehended", said Gorham Police Lt. Christopher Sanborn.

Since 2002 the fugitive from justice was living at a home on South Street in Gorham that his wife owned. He was using the name Greg Irving. Investigators believe he was living in the area for much longer than that.

He somehow managed to keep a low profile in town. Police say they're not sure Irving's wife knew about his past, but say she was in state of shock when they arrested him. Neighbors say there was nothing to make them think they were anything but a normal couple.

"He was always pleasant and nice, always liked him. Never know who's living next door I guess", said Patricia Dixon who lives next door.

Another neighbor John Ferrari said "See him out here plowing driveways during storms. Seemed like a normal life".

Investigators say besides changing his first name Irving also changed his date of birth which helped keep police off his trail. Maine State Police are now reviewing unsolved rape cases throughout the state to see if they can link any of them to him. They plan on taking a DNA sample from him as well. Irving is due in court in the morning.

Source: WCSH6

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