While You're Away...Protecting Your Home

4:43 PM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- If you're hitting the road and plan to be gone for a few days, the last thing you want is to get a call that you've been robbed.

In the last week there have been 78 reported burglaries in Greensboro, according to crimemapping.com. In High Point, there have been 38. And between Thursday and Friday alone there were at least seven in Winston Salem.
Those are just the reported cases that have made it into the system.
Many homeowners have heard tips like locking your doors, asking someone to someone check on your home and collect your mail if you're gone for a few days and buying an alarm system.

While they are all important tips to remember, WFMY News 2 caught up with Greensboro Police Sergeant Charles Blaylock to learn of other little, simple things that could help save you from becoming a thief's next victim.

Blaylock says the first step is knowing the four Ds: Detect, Delay, Deter, Deny."

"You want to delay a criminal from getting into your home," the officer said.

That's where the door security bars come in. Thieves may not want to struggle and risk detection.

"What [the security bar] does is it wedges onto the floor and has a nonslip type foot on it, then you extend it where it goes up to the doorknob. And you kind of push it in there with your foot to wedge it in there snuggly," Blaylock explained.

To deter, try motion sensor lights or timers that turn your lights on and off.

They can run as cheap as $11.

Another security measure could be a dog barking door bell.

Blaylock says Police say sometimes thieves ring doorbells to make sure there's no one home,

There's a device you can buy which activates a recorded barking sound when someone rings your door bell while you're away.

"[Criminals] might not want to encounter a big dog if they think there's a big dog in the home," said Blaylock.

If you can afford to, leave a TV or radio on while you are gone.

The goal is to create the appearance that there is someone home at all times.

Again, these are just some inexpensive tips to help deter, delay, deny and detect a burglar.
They are not foolproof so it's always a good idea to have homeowner's or renter's insurance.

Another thing to consider is calling police to let them know you'll be away.

Some Triad law enforcement agencies like High Point and Burlington do free vacation checks where patrol officers drive by your home twice a day.

Greensboro doesn't offer that but you can call the community resource office to let them know in case they are in the area.

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