Ford Focus Voted World's Most Popular Car

9:34 AM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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  • Ford Focus, GettyImages

Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY

What is the most single popular vehicle model in the world?

Some Americans might say a Ford F Series pickup, since it's the perpetual biggest seller in the U.S. Others, recognizing their international appeal, might say it's a Toyota Camry or Honda Civic.

But it's not. The most popular model in the world for at least second year running is the Ford Focus. More than a million were sold last year, up from 879,914 in 2011, says Ford Motor, citing data from research services R.L. Polk.

Next, also for the second year is one of those obvious candidates, the Corolla.

Only then comes Ford F Series, and it's lucky to be there, considering it moved up several place on the list from 2012 to 2011.

The only vehilce on the list that would be completely unknown to most Americans is a Chinese family hauler, the Wuling Zhiguang sold in China, in fourth place. Overall, the list is dominated by small sedans.

The others in the Top 10, the Camry, Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf and Chevrolet Cruze, to name a few, underscore how global the auto industry has become.

The 2012 list includes:

1 Ford Focus....... 1,020,410

2 Toyota Corolla.. 872,774

3 Ford F-Series,... 785,630

4 Wuling Zhiguang 768,870

5 Toyota Camry..... 729,793

6 Ford Fiesta......... 723,130

7 VW Golf ..............699,148

8 Chevrolet Cruze ....661,325

9 Honda Civic .......651,159

10 Honda CR-V...... 624,982

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