How Would The Triad Handle A Disaster?

5:27 PM, Apr 16, 2013   |    comments
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Triad, N.C. - As the events unfolded in Boston on Monday, first responders here in the Triad were watching and trying to learn from the tragedy.

While it's nearly impossible to be 100 percent ready for disaster situation, emergency responders in the Triad tell WFMY News 2 the stand behind the policies and procedures that are currently in place.

In a disaster situation, local hospitals say they will all work together to treat patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Cone Health Emergency Services Director Cheryl Somers said, "We owe it to our community to be prepared for that. So, it makes us step back and take a look at how we are prepared and ask, 'Are we as prepared as we can be for these types of events?'"

If a disaster happened in the Triad, victims would also likely go to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. It's our area's only "Level One" trauma center, which essentially means the hospital is ready to handle just about any situation or injury that comes through its doors.

"We're always adjusting. It's always a fluid process. We will take this, learn from it, and do the best we can to prepare for that type of an incident happening in this region," WFBMC Emergency Management Manager Ken Bishop said.

WFBMC also has a decontamination center to help people recover from a chemical attack. Cone Health has a mobile decontamination center as well.

Many of the agencies in the Triad practice several times a year for a terrorist attack or mass casualty situation. Guilford County Emergency Management Director Don Campbell said his staff also monitors situations like what happened in Boston. Campbell said, "We watch to see how the response takes place. One of the things we like to watch is how the public information process goes. Are they getting an effective message out to people about what to do? How to react?"

High Point Police are already reacting to the bombings in Boston. The High Point Furniture Market is happening this week. Police are adding extra officers and more security sweeps to keep everyone safe.

First responders also said they will re-evaluate all of their policies and procedures to make sure they are ready to react to any kind of disaster that may occur in the Triad.

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