School Board Raises Stink about Bathroom Cleanliness

9:55 PM, Jul 14, 2004   |    comments
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Some Guilford County school board members are raising a stink about bathroom cleanliness in Guilford County Schools.

Tuesday night, the school board reevaluated its custodial contract with Sodexho, and put the private janitorial service company on notice.

That's because students have complained that school bathrooms are filthy. Students complain about backed up urinals, odor and a lack of soap and hand towels.

"We want cleaner buildings, we want it done efficiently and we want savings where possible," says Guilford Co. Schools Administrator Dr. John Wright.

In the end, the school board decided to renew Sodexho's contract through the 2004-2005 school year. But, the district keeps the option to reevaluate Sodexho mid-way through the next school year. The district can terminate the company if it is not meeting the district's cleanliness standards.

Prior to last year, the district hired its own janitorial staff. Sodexho saved the district an estimated $119,000 in services.

Sodexho spokesperson Bonnie Goldstein says, "We recognize a rocky start with Guilford County Public Schools. We've made a lot of positive changes to fix those causes of concern. Now we are looking forward to a second successful year and a strong partnership with Guilford County Schools."

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