Boston Native In The Triad: I'm Praying For Them

6:59 PM, Apr 19, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Normally, on a night like Friday night, with a Boston Red Sox game and a Boston Bruins game scheduled, Stumble Stilskins would be packed.

The bar in downtown Greensboro is the home away from home for Bostonians, thanks to owner Chris Flathers, who grew up about 20 minutes outside the city.

"It's a weird feeling. Looking up and seeing towns and areas you're familiar with -- under siege. It's weird," said Flathers.

And with the rest of the city of Boston on hold, so are the Bruins and Red Sox.

The games were both postponed Friday afternoon because of the manhunt.

Normally, over the lunch hour, most of the televisions, if not all of them, at Stumble Stilskins would be turned to Sports Center or other sports networks, but that wasn't the case on Friday.

They were tuned into the minute-by-minute coverage of Boston, and diners were glued to it.

For Flathers, even in the middle of a crazy day at work, more than 700 miles away from the city of Boston, he couldn't help but think about family and friends.

"They've been trapped in their houses overnight, listening to explosions, gunfire, sirens going all night. So, I can imagine what's going through their heads right now and I'm praying for them," said Flathers.

Flathers said they're planning to have a big fundraiser at Stumble Stilksins to raise money for the victims of the marathon bombings on Monday.

They're still ironing out the details, but they plan to make an announcement about it on their Facebook page.

The bombings on Monday also cancelled major sporting events in Boston. The Bruins game against the Ottawa Senators Monday night was cancelled.

And the Celtics game against the Pacers was cancelled as well.

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