Raymond Cook Convicted In Ballerina Elena Shapiro's Death Goes To Work

5:28 PM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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Raleigh, NC (WRAL-TV) -- A prosecutor over the case of a former Raleigh doctor convicted in a DWI crash that killed a ballerina from Winston-Salem said he's shocked to find out the man responsible is being allowed home visits.

According to WRAL-TV, In July of 2012, a Superior Court judge granted Raymond Cook an order allowing him to work. That's after Cook was found guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter, Felony Death by Motor Vehicle and Driving While Impaired in the death of Elena Shapiro.

On Wednesday, WFMY News 2 stopped by the Shapiro home in Winston-Salem, Mrs. Brantly Shapiro said, "I do feel like this has been a prime example of those who have money and the influence get a completely different justice from those who don't."

"I don't hate Mr. Cook. I think it would be much easier for me to shed some sort of negative feelings if he had said he was sorry. If, he had owned up to what he did," said Shapiro.

Raymond Cook Found Guilty Of Involuntary Manlaughter In Elena Shapiro Case

Prosecutors said Cook was driving at least 75 mph in a 45 mph zone the night he crashed into the back of Shapiro's car in 2009. Shapiro had spent the day rehearsing with the Carolina Ballet for a performance of Swan Lake. Police tested Cook's blood alcohol level which was .24 above the limit of .08.

Doctor Charged With Killing Ballerina Indicted On Multiple Charges 

According to Jeff Cruden, a Wake County Assistant District Attorney, Cook leaves jail during the week to work at a pharmaceutical company. WRAL also reports, Cook gets 48-hour weekend passes on a regular basis to visit his family. Cruden stated he's surprised to find out Cook gets to visit with his family before serving his minimum three year sentence.

Keith Acree, with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, said Cook's release date is February 28, 2014. Acree, also said he has about 10 months left so he's eligible for one 48-home leave and two six-hour home leaves a month according to WRAL-TV.

The money from Cook's work release goes back to the prison system, helps with court-ordered costs, and he takes whatever is left upon his release.


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