Technology, Pain & How You Sit At The Workplace

11:13 PM, Apr 28, 2013   |    comments
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WFMY News 2 -- Technology floods our lives at the workplace.  Whether its using the iPad, texting on the cellphone or just working at our computers. We have way too much "screen time" in our days at the office.

A chair company called Steelcase secretly studied the posture habits of 2000 office workers and found several common tech related positions that, if not corrected, would cause debilitating long term health issues.

So we decided to secretly tape our co-workers to see if there were any issues. We showed the tape to Physical Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Thomas Saullo and found there was a common thread.

As a matter of fact, of the 13 people we watched, only two had correct posture. That means 85% of our folks have bad posture including producer Kimberly Page and Anchor Frank Mickens.

Dr. Saullo says the answer lies in the placement of your devices. Think real estate... location, location, location.

"You want the top of the screen to be about 2" above the eye level. When you are sitting upright that gives you the proper position for the neck and that encourages proper spine posture."

"If your not at a comfortable height where your arm and hand are not at a 90-degree angle and you have to raise your arm like that it can cause chronic fatigue and muscle strain."

So make a few adjustments before you sit at your desk tomorrow. Because that "pain in the neck" may actually NOT be your boss.

For more information about the Gesture chair, visit Steelcase's website

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