2 Wants To Know Leads Deputies To Thomas Hayes Of Amazing Grace Locksmith

7:11 PM, May 1, 2013   |    comments
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Guilford County, NC --  It was 6:45am and 2 Wants To Know and Guilford County Sheriff's deputies were oustide the house where Thomas Hayes lived.

Minutes later, he was handcuffed and being led out to the deputies car. They wanted him on five warrants.

It wasn't supposed to go this way. 2 Wants To Know initially wanted to talk to Hayes, the owner of Amazing Grace Locksmiths, to resolve a consumer issue.

Linda Faison called 2 Wants To Know after she tried getting her money back from Amazing Grace Locksmiths. She ordered a part for her Saab through Amazing Grace and gave them a check for $143.92. That was in September of 2012.

She kept calling. Either they told her to wait or they didn't answer her calls. Nearly seven months later, she called 2WTK. We started calling.

A worker at Amazing Grace Locksmiths told us they used Linda's money to order the part from a local Saab dealer and identified the dealership as FLOW Saab in Winston-Salem.

But their parts manager couldn't find any purchases by Amazing Grace in their system in all of 2012 or 2013. He even double checked Linda's vehichle identification number, no part had been purchased for her car.

2WTK went looking for Hayes. But he changes his business address, home addresses and phone numbers too. When we did a background check on him, we found the Guilford County Sheriff's Deputies had five warrants out for his arrest. So we told deputies where they could find him and 2 Wants To Know met up with deputies at Hayes' home.

When deputies led Hayes out we aksed him question, "We know what these guys say you did, what is your story? It's called Amazing Grace. A lot of folks would say you didn't how them any mercy by taking their money not doing the work? You can call my laywer."

We did. And we called Linda too.  










"You got the man! I  know the Lord is not happy. He's using it in vain. Amazing Grace Locksmith," says Linda.

When 2WTK called Hayes' lawyer, he got Linda a check. She has her money.

Hayes is now out on bond but his next court date is May 23rd.

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