Triad AAU Coach Reacts To McLemore Scandal

10:15 PM, May 5, 2013   |    comments
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Courtesy Getty Images

Greensboro, NC - Jon Adams coaches one of the premiere AAU basketball teams in North Carolina, and is well aware the pressure athletes like Kansas's Ben McLemore feel to perform and get paid well to do so.

On Saturday, a USA Today investigation found that a former coach of McLemore's, Darius Cobb, claimed to have been paid by a Greensboro man to persuade McLemore to leave Kansas and enter the NBA draft.

McLemore did decide to enter the draft, the reason is unclear, but Adams told News 2 this kind of things happens, it just isn't always in the news.

Adams said, "Agents know about them, but they know they cannot contact them or speak to them in any kind of way. So they get a guy who is not in their company, and they give that guy money, and they say this guy is one of the best players around and we want him to sign with our agency when he is done. So, we are going to give you this money, and you convince him to come with our company."

Adams said he has never been approached by an agent, and makes sure his team and fellow coaches know their only interest is to help the players get better and to help them achieve whatever their goals may be, athletically or not.

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