High-Speed Chases And Crashes Caught On Tape

8:53 PM, May 7, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- We say we appreciate our heroes.

And we mean it.

But let's be honest. We have no clue what they go through day-to-day.

Until now.

WFMY News2 obtained video that's never been released to the public that shows our local law enforcement walking the line between life and death.

Lt. Cameron Piner with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office was trying to stop a suspect and his girlfriend who compared themselves to Bonnie and Clyde.

He thought he'd end the chase by setting up stop sticks and puncturing their tires.

But the driver somehow weaved around the trap and aimed the car directly at Piner.

"It really was self-preservation. I was just trying to get out of the way," he said.

"I just pushed off the car, to keep it from - to create space between the two of us."

"Truthfully what I did after that was I called my mother before the 5 o'clock news. So she could hear my voice," said Piner.

Sheriff BJ Barnes compares the job of law enforcement to a war.

"There is no real difference between what a law enforcement officer does than a guy that's in a battle zone does. At any time they can be hurt. They can be shot. They can be killed,

"Barnes said.

Other car chase video we obtained show a driver going the wrong way on the road near Pleasant Garden and speeding toward an intersection in Greensboro.

A Guilford County deputy eventually bumped the suspect's car with the deputy's patrol vehicle.

The suspect went into a spin just before he sped through that intersection.

Sheriff Barnes said, "You've got to stop them because you don't know what they've done."

"There could've been a body in the car just as easily. This person could've just committed a murder."

The most frightening video we acquired shows a deputy responding to a reported burglary in progress.

The dash cam shows his patrol car suddenly lift into the air and flip two or three times before crashing in a cloud of sparks and dust or smoke.

You can see his comrades coming to his aid.

One of them alerts dispatch:

"He's unconscious."

Then later:

"He's going to have head injuries."

The deputy survived the wreck.

But he has not returned to patrol since it happened nearly two years ago.

"Well the car was put together well. That's probably the only thing that saved him," Sheriff Barnes said.

Barnes admits it's those types of wrecks that worry him from time to time.

He's been in hospitals holding the hands of wives waiting to hear word on their husband.

Barnes says it's a part of the job his deputies accept just like any other law enforcement officer.

He says they know the risks.

But they're dedicated to serving us.

"We may not come home," Barnes said.

WFMY News2

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