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A GMS Surprise For Three Moms Who Never Gave Up

10:13 AM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
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Moms rarely catch a break between balancing work, chores, taking the kids somewhere, the list goes on. Now, imagine adding cancer to that list - it changes everything. Stephanie Freedle, Amber Berger, and Melissa Hiatt are three moms who did not let cancer stop them from living.

Stephanie Freedle did not hear the words, "You have cancer," instead she heard her newborn daughter has cancer. If it weren't for Stephanie's persistance, doctors might not have caught it. Stephanie told me she would look at her baby in the hospital and wish it was her who had the cancer instead. Her daughter, Kendyl, is now a pre-teen and celebrates each healthy day.

Amber Berger was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer five years ago. She thought she was in the clear but it came back. It was only in this past year that she has felt in the clear. Amber has two kids and did not know she had cancer while pregnant with her second baby. Amber did not let her cancer stop her from being an amazing mother. Instead, she used it to be a role model for her kids to never give up.

Melissa Hiatt's daughter survived cancer not only once but twice. Her baby, Rachel, was only nine-and-a-half months old when they found her cancer. She was diagnosed again a few years later. Rachel is now 18 but Melissa says when your baby has cancer you're never fully in the clear. As a mom, you're always thinking about your baby, taking them for the checkups, and making sure they're okay.

These are three incredible moms who have gone through a lot. They are so focused on everyone else that they barely take time for themselves. We wanted to change that. They're an inspiration to us and we surprised them with gifts they can use to pamper themselves.

We partnered with several companies who wanted to do something special for the moms: flowers A&A Plants, a $150 spa package from Balance Day Spa, Thymes gift basket and Brighton bracelet from Fleet Plummer, and $50 gift certificates to Kickback Jack's or TK Tripps.

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