Think You Can Ace The GED Exam? Take The Challenge

11:04 PM, May 14, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Are you smarter than a 12th grader?

We issued a challenge to strangers on the street.

And you might be surprised how many of them failed.

Steven Jackson runs the GED program at GTCC. And he says a lot of people think GED and think "easy."

"They can't come in with confidence and think I'll blow through it. That is not the case," Jackson.


Homemaker Susan Sharpe graduated high school in 1978.


We challenged her to this test question from McGraw-Hill:


"A cookie recipe calls for 3/4 stick of butter. Valerie has enough of the other ingredients to make 6 batches of cookies. If she has 3 sticks of butter, how many batches of the recipe can she make?"


"Wouldn't that be 3 3/4 batches?" Susan said.


Actually, it's four.


We asked UNCG Professor Steve Flynn this question from McGraw-Hill's practice exam:


"Simplify 6(k - 3) - 5(k + 2)."


"Oh, this is bad," Flynn said.


"I'm just going to pick the positive number. Twenty," he said.


The answer is k - 28 or answer (D) on the test.


"I would just bone up on all those things, retain just enough to take the test and then I'd forget," said Flynn.


The truth is this is not so much about smarts.


"If you're not keeping up with the learning curve and keeping up with how things are done nowadays you're basically lost in the wind," said Jackson.


Overall, only two out of five people we tested answered their question right.


If you think you can do better click here for McGraw-Hill's practice GED math exam.


Click here for social studies.


Click here for science.


Click here for language arts/reading.


Click here for language arts/writing.

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