Duke Energy Cuts Off Power For Disabled Vet And Mother Of Three

10:44 PM, May 20, 2013   |    comments
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  • Final Salute sent News 2 this picture of proof that they paid Duke Energy.

Greensboro, NC-- Duke Energy cuts off the power for a disabled veteran and mother of three despite efforts by female vets advocacy group.

On Monday, a member of Final Salute, Inc. contacted News 2 because a Greensboro veteran and her three children will be without power tonight.

Vivian McRae is a veteran. She told News 2 that she was having trouble paying her bills so she contacted Final Salute, Inc. a group that helps female veterans have safe and suitable housing.

Sarah Doheny with Final Salute, Inc. told News 2 that Duke Energy received the check on Monday, however McRae's power was still cut off on Monday morning.

Kristina Hill, a spokesperson with Duke Energy said that cutting off someone's power is a very last resort. The company only does it after 90 days without payment. Hill told News 2 that as of Monday, they still did not receive any payment from McRae or Final Salute. However, Final Salute sent News 2 a copy of the check they sent to Duke Energy on behalf of McRae's account. It's dated 5/13/13. Her due date was 5/17.

However by Monday evening, Duke Energy told WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford that they would turn back on McRae's power. They will now allow a 48-hour grace period until they receive the payment.

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