After The Storm: Summerfield Cleans Up

6:03 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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Summerfield, N.C. - A Summerfield family spent Friday cleaning up the mess Thursday's storm left behind. High winds snapped about sixteen trees in half and tossed them about like toothpicks.

"I did not expect anything like this. It just seems like a lot for that gust of wind to knock all of these trees over and make it look like this," Yowael Naim said. "It's a lot of power for just wind."

The Naim family couldn't believe how much damage a few minutes of wind did to their backyard. One tree crashed into their home and poked holes in the roof.

Raed Naim added, "All we saw was a jumble of trees. We never thought that could happen. We were just really surprised that wind could blow it all away."

Across the street, Stewart Eckard cleaned-up another mess the storm left behind.

"It's the job of homeownership. It's what you do. We've all offered to help each other and get everything cleaned up," Eckard said.

Even though the damage is upsetting, everyone in the neighborhood feels lucky no one got hurt.

"That was only one gust of wind and those trees have been here forever," Raed Naim said.

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