Michigan Grandfather Takes Bullet For Grandson

10:54 AM, Jun 27, 2013   |    comments
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Grand Rapids, MI-- Last week a Grand Rapids grandfather put himself in the path of a bullet.

At the intersection of Thomas and Neland, police say a teenager walking down the street started shooting at the occupants driving by in a black car.

Willie Ware, 67, and his seven-year-old grandson, Keyanu Cordona, were outside when it happened and Ware jumped in front of the boy to protect him. Ware spoke to WZZM 13 exclusively Tuesday night. He described what happened that night.

"When the guy came around he was steady shooting at the car and it was shooting right directly at me and my grandson," said Ware.

Without thinking, Ware grabbed Keyanu and put himself between the bullets and the boy. And even after he was wounded, he didn't let go until the danger had passed.

"I went down real hard and my head hit the pavement. My leg was bent up under me some kind of way it was just folded back," Ware recalls.

Ware says when his grandson, who always calls him dad, came to see him in the hospital he thanked him for saving his life. "I just give him a hug-- I don't say nothing about it, I just give him a hug."

Willie Ware came home from the hospital on Tuesday. He says he is having a tough time getting around, but is confident he will heal with time.

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